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Liz Arnold Quotes

Quotes by Liz Arnold - (3 quotes)

Liz Arnold - From the Space category:

-on "the extraordinary human intervention into the so-called 'natural' world," October, 1997...
I am preoccupied by the fictional space inside paintings as self-contained parallel worlds. Places to explore the strangeness of a civilised, sophisticated species and its values. (Liz Arnold)

Liz Arnold - From the Subject category:

Some of the paintings I'm doing now are really empty, and some of them are very full up... I've done this painting I love, of my cat as a woman, sitting on a park bench in this really lovely pencil skirt and these nice shoes, surrounded by all these phallic mushrooms who look really pissed off. I suppose the work looks weirdly ironic, but it's not like that to me. (Liz Arnold)

Liz Arnold - From the Universe category:

-October, 1997...
These other worlds may be in another solar system or they may be our world magically altered where human emotions, addictions and preoccupations have filtered through to our fellow earthlings or some other inhabitants of our universe. (Liz Arnold)