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Juliette Aristides Quotes

Quotes by Juliette Aristides - (7 quotes)

Juliette Aristides - From the Art category:

Artists are in a unique position to leave an intimate record of human life, as they give us the opportunity to see not only through their eyes but also through their thoughts and emotions. One could say that the greater the art, the more clearly we experience this communion of souls. (Juliette Aristides)

Juliette Aristides - From the Artists category:

Artists help us see the surprising beauty that breaks into our daily lives by celebrating that which might otherwise pass by unnoticed. (Juliette Aristides)

Juliette Aristides - From the Beauty category:

On some subconscious level we need beauty, despite its perceived lack of function. (Juliette Aristides)

Juliette Aristides - From the Humanity category:

While people share much with other living creatures, the desire for beauty, the capacity for self-reflection, and the longing for eternity are distinctively human qualities. (Juliette Aristides)

Juliette Aristides - From the Life category:

Human life is not made up of neutral moments simply waiting to be interpreted or transformed into art. Rather, each moment is a slice or microcosm of the worldview of the artist. (Juliette Aristides)

Juliette Aristides - From the Originality category:

Often the most unique, compelling work comes not from a concept or an idea but from a deep, wordless place inside the artist. (Juliette Aristides)

Juliette Aristides - From the Religion category:

The world is not accidental - there is a designer. And the divine voice speaks to us through the physical world. (Juliette Aristides)