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Steve Allen Quotes

Quotes by Steve Allen - (10 quotes)

Steve Allen - From the Deception category:

The hair is real; it's the head that's fake. (Steve Allen)

Steve Allen - From the Health category:

Asthma doesn't seem to bother me any more unless I'm around cigars or dogs. The thing that would bother me most would be a dog smoking a cigar. (Steve Allen)

Steve Allen - From the Humour category:

Humor is a social lubricant that helps us get over some of the bad spots. (Steve Allen)

Steve Allen - From the Patriotism category:

Totalitarianism is patriotism institutionalized. (Steve Allen)

Steve Allen - From the Problems category:

One of the nice things about problems is that a good many of them do not exist except in our imaginations. (Steve Allen)

Steve Allen - From the Profession category:

Without laughter life on our planet would be intolerable. So important is laughter to us that humanity highly rewards members of one of the most unusual professions on earth, those who make a living by inducing laughter in others. This is very strange if you stop to think of it: that otherwise sane and responsible citizens should devote their professional energies to causing others to make sharp, explosive barking-like exhalations. (Steve Allen)

Steve Allen - From the Reality category:

Nothing is better than the unintended humor of reality. (Steve Allen)

Steve Allen - From the Religion category:

We must never forget that both good and evil flow from the Bible. It is therefore not above criticism. (Steve Allen)

Steve Allen - From the Risk category:

I used to be a heavy gambler. But now I just make mental bets. That's how I lost my mind. (Steve Allen)

Steve Allen - From the Technology category:

Radio is the theater of the mind; television is the theater of the mindless. (Steve Allen)