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Gae Aulenti Quotes

Quotes by Gae Aulenti - (5 quotes)

Gae Aulenti - From the Architecture category:

-creating the Musee d'Orsay
I viewed the station as a place, a terrain where I could put a new architecture in place. The station was, of course, an historic monument, but it does not deserve all the respect given it when it is said it is perfect, original and coherent expression of a past that we must revere. Orsay is basically a box. (Gae Aulenti)

Gae Aulenti - From the Design category:

I aim to create furniture that appears in a room as buildings on a skyline and reminds the viewer of the interaction between objects of design and architectural space. (Gae Aulenti)

Gae Aulenti - From the Form category:

The conscious principle in this design has been to achieve forms that could create experiences, and that could at the same time welcome everyone's experiences with the serenity of an effortless development. (Gae Aulenti)

Gae Aulenti - From the Impressionism category:

Light is impressionism. (Gae Aulenti)

Gae Aulenti - From the Possessions category:

My advice to whoever asks me how to make a home is to not have anything, just a few shelves for books, some pillows to sit on. And then, to take a stand against the ephemeral, against passing trends... and to return to lasting values. (Gae Aulenti)