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Anna Held Audette Quotes

Quotes by Anna Held Audette - (4 quotes)

Anna Held Audette - From the Ideas category:

Working small... results in a quick turnover of ideas, and you'll avoid getting bogged down by long efforts on unrewarding pieces. (Anna Held Audette)

Anna Held Audette - From the Invention category:

One of Leonardo da Vinci's suggestions for stimulating the imagination was to 'look at crumbling walls, glowing embers, clouds or mold, because in these irregular shapes one can find strange inventions just as we are apt to project words into the sound of church bells.' (Anna Held Audette)

Anna Held Audette - From the Models category:

-on an incident between Pierre-Auguste Renoir and Henri Matisse...
After Matisse was disappointed with a bouquet he had arranged for a painting, Renoir told him to go around to the side he had not looked at. (Anna Held Audette)

Anna Held Audette - From the Work category:

The wonderful thing about working is that the more you do it, the easier it is to do, and the less likely it is you'll get stuck. (Anna Held Audette)