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Gabriella Morrison Quotes

Quotes by Gabriella Morrison - (7 quotes)

Gabriella Morrison - From the Complexity category:

If we can accept there is a range from the simplest to the most complex in many situations, why does it rankle to accept the same capacity in the visual arts? (Gabriella Morrison)

Gabriella Morrison - From the Copying category:

Copying has been a time-honored means of learning how to do anything. (Gabriella Morrison)

Gabriella Morrison - From the Language category:

Language is not always simple and mono-syllabic. Nuance often has to be expressed in slightly more complex ways. Visual art is not always straightforward or an easy direct read, obtaining totality of meaning at first glance. (Gabriella Morrison)

Gabriella Morrison - From the Struggle category:

In order to make truly personal work, one has to struggle with intent and content as well as with techniques. And technique is the easiest thing to learn in art. (Gabriella Morrison)

Gabriella Morrison - From the Subject category:

I don't believe there is such a thing as "dull subject matter," merely dulled sensibility. (Gabriella Morrison)

Gabriella Morrison - From the Technology category:

We live in a world of marvels. Various optical tools, not previously available to people in recent past history, can be used to broaden our awareness of the complexity of this world. How incredibly enriching is this? (Gabriella Morrison)

Gabriella Morrison - From the Workshops category:

Too often one sees the work of people who regularly participate in workshops where mainly a technique is taught, and a characteristic of these works is their uniformity and lack of individualism. This reveals a reliance on incompletely digested information. (Gabriella Morrison)