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B. J. Adams Quotes

Quotes by B. J. Adams - (5 quotes)

B. J. Adams - From the Accomplishment category:

The busier you are the more you can accomplish. (B. J. Adams)

B. J. Adams - From the Ideas category:

While working on one piece, another concept often emerges, and it is this constant, stimulating flow that causes my work to evolve. (B. J. Adams)

B. J. Adams - From the Materials category:

The sewing machine is my brush and pencil; hundreds of colors of thread have become paint for realistic and abstract images set on various backgrounds. (B. J. Adams)

B. J. Adams - From the Mediums category:

My work consists of mixing colored pencil lines to produce the intended color for realistic images and then translating these drawings into thread... mixing many threads – in free sewing machine embroidery – to create a different texture of the image. (B. J. Adams)

B. J. Adams - From the Nudes category:

You miss a lot of wonderful as well as historic art if the nude is denounced. (B. J. Adams)