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Henryk Ptasiewicz Quotes

Quotes by Henryk Ptasiewicz - (4 quotes)

Henryk Ptasiewicz - From the Artists category:

More and more people are becoming artists. There is a need to make your voice heard in this age where we are becoming less and less empowered. (Henryk Ptasiewicz)

Henryk Ptasiewicz - From the Masters category:

Picasso was always re-inventing himself, he was always exploring, and my thinking is that he was right to do so. We can't all be him, but I too need to express myself in more than one way... (Henryk Ptasiewicz)

Henryk Ptasiewicz - From the Production category:

The production of work is cumulative; nothing is produced in isolation and everything contributes something to the next piece. (Henryk Ptasiewicz)

Henryk Ptasiewicz - From the Realism category:

If you can paint the real world, then you have a chance to illustrate another one. (Henryk Ptasiewicz)