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Jan Zawadzki Quotes

Quotes by Jan Zawadzki - (10 quotes)

Jan Zawadzki - From the Art category:

Art commits suicide on the wheel of creation. From one moment to the next it follows a belief that it is accomplishing something. (Jan Zawadzki)

Jan Zawadzki - From the Colour category:

Colour confines the totality of elemental work. (Jan Zawadzki)

Jan Zawadzki - From the Composition category:

If yer miserable bein' miserable... tough! Paint it! If it's whining you need to describe y'self in terms of style... you've already screwed up by buying into the dream machine. (Jan Zawadzki)

Jan Zawadzki - From the Imagination category:

That which leaves little to the imagination is contrasted by that which nurtures the imagination. (Jan Zawadzki)

Jan Zawadzki - From the Manipulation category:

To use subliminal seduction as a marketing tool merely corrupts this otherwise delicate sensitization. One may argue whether it is art or manipulation. After all it's those Freudian slips that really open the barn door. (Jan Zawadzki)

Jan Zawadzki - From the Poetry category:

Poetry allows us to become students of philosophy. Philosophy makes us poets... which is what we've always been... painters created by zookeepers. (Jan Zawadzki)

Jan Zawadzki - From the Questions category:

Anybody seen what's goin' on in their cornflakes lately? Animated or otherwise the question remains whether those suggestives we are prone to see just might be mentally proportional to what turns our crank... (Jan Zawadzki)

Jan Zawadzki - From the Silence category:

Silence can be exquisite. It sharpens the senses and touches upon the perfect arrangement of that thing most ordinary. (Jan Zawadzki)

Jan Zawadzki - From the Style category:

As Picasso did away with background so the stylist does away with detail. This liberalizes abstraction as an appropriation of form... (Jan Zawadzki)

Jan Zawadzki - From the Words category:

The evolution of words is now beyond the quippant. It is now the honest approach of definition. (Jan Zawadzki)