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Rosa Bonheur Quotes

Quotes by Rosa Bonheur - (10 quotes)

Rosa Bonheur - From the Artists category:

My whole life has been devoted to improving my work and keeping alive the Creator's spark in my soul. Each of us has a spark, and we've all got to account for what we do with it. (Rosa Bonheur)

Rosa Bonheur - From the Criticism category:

The epithets of imbeciles have never bothered me. (Rosa Bonheur)

Rosa Bonheur - From the Fire category:

My dream is to show the fire which comes out of the horses' nostrils; the dust which rises from their hooves. I want this to be an infernal waltz. (Rosa Bonheur)

Rosa Bonheur - From the Gender category:

- French artist b.1822 d.1899...
Why shouldn't I be proud to be a woman? My father, that enthusiastic apostle of humanity, told me again and again that it was woman's mission to improve the human race... To his doctrines I owe my great and glorious ambition for the sex to which I proudly belong, whose independence I'll defend till my dying day. Besides, I'm convinced the future is ours. (Rosa Bonheur)

Rosa Bonheur - From the Mirrors category:

The eye - is it not the mirror of the soul in all living creatures? (Rosa Bonheur)

Rosa Bonheur - From the Obsession category:

I wed art. It is my husband, my world, my life dream, the air I breathe. I know nothing else, feel nothing else, think nothing else. (Rosa Bonheur)

Rosa Bonheur - From the Pets category:

If we don't always understand animals, they always understand us. (Rosa Bonheur)

Rosa Bonheur - From the Subject category:

I became an animal painter because I loved to move among animals. I would study an animal and draw it in the position it took, and when it changed to another position I would draw that. (Rosa Bonheur)

Rosa Bonheur - From the Tyranny category:

Art is a tyrant. It demands heart, brain, soul, body. The entireness of the votary. Nothing less will win its highest favor. (Rosa Bonheur)

Rosa Bonheur - From the Vision category:

The point of departure must always be a vision of the truth. The eye is the route of the soul, and the pencil or brush must sincerely and naively reproduce what it sees. (Rosa Bonheur)