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Jim Lee Quotes

Quotes by Jim Lee - (9 quotes)

Jim Lee - From the Accidents category:

Creating and producing creative work, to me those are all happy accidents. (Jim Lee)

Jim Lee - From the Artists category:

From an artist's point of view, I always want to work with the writers I admire. (Jim Lee)

Jim Lee - From the Difficulty category:

One of the most difficult things for any artist to do is create a world that looks both completely alien yet real and possible. (Jim Lee)

Jim Lee - From the Dissatisfaction category:

If we could see the work as it is, with years of reflection in the here and now, how many images would end up in the trash rather than on the racks? (Jim Lee)

Jim Lee - From the Joy category:

When I was a kid, I never felt that what I was drawing really represented me; it was just something I enjoyed. (Jim Lee)

Jim Lee - From the Keys category:

One of the key characteristics of the comic book medium is that it is not brought to life by just one voice. (Jim Lee)

Jim Lee - From the Production category:

Sometimes I wonder if we ever really improve as artists or if the nirvana derived from completing a piece blinds us enough to love what we have created and move on to the next piece. (Jim Lee)

Jim Lee - From the Profession category:

Many in the creative professions were nerds in their pasts because they spent so long reading comics and using their imaginations when they were growing up. (Jim Lee)

Jim Lee - From the Work category:

I love the fact that I get something new to do almost every day and have new challenges. (Jim Lee)