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Joshua Bell Quotes

Quotes by Joshua Bell - (5 quotes)

Joshua Bell - From the Aging category:

For some reason I can't explain, artists and musicians tend to look younger than our age. Being in music, you need this youthful sense of discovery and wonder for what you're doing and keep your imagination open. That's a youthful way of looking at life and I think that reflects in how you age. (Joshua Bell)

Joshua Bell - From the Criticism category:

Criticism is always hard to take - we musicians are sensitive. It's always hard when someone says something negative - but you try to learn to just let it roll off and not worry about it. (Joshua Bell)

Joshua Bell - From the Education category:

I think music should be the basis of an education, not just something you do once a week. (Joshua Bell)

Joshua Bell - From the Experience category:

I want to do everything. That's my problem. Life is short, and I hate the idea of turning down anything. You never know what interesting experience might happen. (Joshua Bell)

Joshua Bell - From the Music category:

When you play a violin piece, you are a storyteller, and you're telling a story. (Joshua Bell)