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Frank Wilson, Neurologist Quotes

Quotes by Frank Wilson, Neurologist - (3 quotes)

Frank Wilson, Neurologist - From the Children category:

The hand enjoys a privileged status in the learning process, being not only a catalyst but an experiential focal point for the organisation of the young child's perceptual, motor, cognitive, and creative world. (Frank Wilson, Neurologist)

Frank Wilson, Neurologist - From the Growth category:

If the hand did not quite literally build the brain it almost certainly provided the structural template around which an ancient brain built both a new system for hand control and a new bodily domain of experience, cognition and imaginative life. (Frank Wilson, Neurologist)

Frank Wilson, Neurologist - From the Ideas category:

The curious, exploratory, improvisational interaction of the hand with objects in the real world gives rise to what we call ideas. (Frank Wilson, Neurologist)