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Benson Bruno Quotes

Quotes by Benson Bruno - (15 quotes)

Benson Bruno - From the Ego category:

If I weren't too proud, I'd boast of my exaggerated opinion of myself. (Benson Bruno)

Benson Bruno - From the Envy category:

Envy is for people who don't have the self-esteem to be jealous. (Benson Bruno)

Benson Bruno - From the Friendship category:

When you loathe yourself, a true friend will respect your honesty. And if you've been fortunate in life, he will probably share your opinion. (Benson Bruno)

Benson Bruno - From the Future category:

I don't know the kind of person I'll be tomorrow, but I'll be able to look back on yesterday and ask, 'What was that guy's problem?' The future is full of condescending jerks. (Benson Bruno)

Benson Bruno - From the Hope category:

The idealist hopes. The romantic sees doom. The postmodernist sees doom and hopes. (Benson Bruno)

Benson Bruno - From the Hope category:

The second you think a situation is hopeless, it suddenly loses all meaning. A situation is a case, condition, or state of affairs. (Benson Bruno)

Benson Bruno - From the Ideas category:

-Evergreens Are Prudish...
The lampshade on my head is for my bright ideas. I won't be able to convey them until Monday, when my curtain gets out of the dry cleaners. (Benson Bruno)

Benson Bruno - From the Innocence category:

One day you're innocent, then circumstances find you in an unlikely situation and you wonder how you could have been so stupid. (Benson Bruno)

Benson Bruno - From the Nature category:

I don't just go birdwatching during mating season because I'm some kind of deviant voyeur. No, pornithology makes real contributions to science, too. (Benson Bruno)

Benson Bruno - From the Optimism category:

The nice thing about being an empty-headed pessimist is that that your glass is only half air. (Benson Bruno)

Benson Bruno - From the Originality category:

Nowadays, all a man can do to be original is to cite the earliest known quote on that subject. Women, though, have no problem being original. In fact, women are always being original. I constantly have to tell my wife to stop talking so much nonsense. (Benson Bruno)

Benson Bruno - From the Passion category:

Passion is the act of people becoming suddenly, terribly, accidentally important. The only thing more unfair than passion's arousal is its inevitable fading: they become memorable. (Benson Bruno)

Benson Bruno - From the Perfection category:

It's commonplace to nitpick on minor faults. But to actually improve on those minor faults - that's just tedious. (Benson Bruno)

Benson Bruno - From the Travel category:

Bike lane: the section of the road that accommodates wide loads and has speed bumps to protect drunk drivers. (Benson Bruno)

Benson Bruno - From the Words category:

Alphabet: a symbolic system used in algebra, with applications that have yet to be discovered by dyslexics and two thirds of college graduates. (Benson Bruno)