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Ai Weiwei Quotes

Quotes by Ai Weiwei - (16 quotes)

Ai Weiwei - From the Art category:

Art needs to stand for something. (Ai Weiwei)

Ai Weiwei - From the Creativity category:

Creativity is the power to reject the past, to change the status quo, and to seek new potential. Simply put, aside from using one's imagination - perhaps more importantly - creativity is the power to act. (Ai Weiwei)

Ai Weiwei - From the Exhibitions category:

This exhibition has been an opportunity to reexamine past work and communicate with audiences from afar. (Ai Weiwei)

Ai Weiwei - From the Freedom category:

Dont retreat. Retweet! (Ai Weiwei)

Ai Weiwei - From the Importance category:

I think it's more important to show your work to the public. (Ai Weiwei)

Ai Weiwei - From the Modernism category:

Democracy, material wealth, and universal education are the soil upon which modernism exists. (Ai Weiwei)

Ai Weiwei - From the Obsession category:

Expressing oneself is like a drug. I'm so addicted to it. (Ai Weiwei)

Ai Weiwei - From the Patriotism category:

I will never leave China, unless I am forced to. Because China is mine. I will not leave something that belongs to me in the hands of people I do not trust. (Ai Weiwei)

Ai Weiwei - From the Politics category:

Politics is like air and water. And you know if there is bad politics. Everyone is polluted. Everyone is unhealthy. See the people walking on the street: how they act... (Ai Weiwei)

Ai Weiwei - From the Possibilities category:

My work is always a ready-made... cultural, political, or social, and also it could be art - to make people re-look at what we have done, its original position, to create new possibilities. (Ai Weiwei)

Ai Weiwei - From the Production category:

Mass production is nothing new. Weren't cathedrals built through mass production? The pyramids?... Paintings can be painted with the left hand, the right hand, someone else's hand, or many people's hands. The scale of production is irrelevant to its content. (Ai Weiwei)

Ai Weiwei - From the Revelation category:

We have to give our opinion; we have to say something, or we are a part of it. As an artist I am forced to say something. (Ai Weiwei)

Ai Weiwei - From the Shock category:

I always want people to be confused, to be shocked or realize something later. (Ai Weiwei)

Ai Weiwei - From the Travel category:

I'm a free man now, except I cannot leave China. You know, I have no desire to travel. I have so many things to do; I cannot finish them now. (Ai Weiwei)

Ai Weiwei - From the Tyranny category:

In a society that restricts individual freedoms and violates human rights, anything that calls itself creative or independent is a pretence. It is impossible for a totalitarian society to create anything with passion and imagination. (Ai Weiwei)

Ai Weiwei - From the Winning category:

Stupidity can win for a moment, but it can never really succeed because the nature of humans is to seek freedom. Rulers can delay that freedom, but they cannot stop it. (Ai Weiwei)