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Philip Graham Quotes

Quotes by Philip Graham - (3 quotes)

Philip Graham - From the Innocence category:

- How to Read an Unwritten Language...
If something in her childhood had led her to dash off so many shades of bad weather, then what would we do when we grew up? (Philip Graham)

Philip Graham - From the Solitude category:

Alone in my room, I could settle so easily into the solace of things and stare at them for hours. (Philip Graham)

Philip Graham - From the Windows category:

The window offered an antidote: the comforting view of a quiet street. I reached out to hold this sight but instead touched glass, felt its faint chill. I pressed harder at the window. If something so solid could be so easy to see through, I thought, then why weren't people the same way, open to any search, available to anyone's curiosity? (Philip Graham)