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Virginia Wieringa Quotes

Quotes by Virginia Wieringa - (4 quotes)

Virginia Wieringa - From the Creativity category:

I don't understand some of the images coming out of my studio, but it's wonderful to watch them emerge. (Virginia Wieringa)

Virginia Wieringa - From the Criticism category:

Surely there's room for us all to paint from our own perspective and use our own minutiaescopes. But like the blind men investigating the elephant, we can all come to our own conclusions without belittling the work of another. (Virginia Wieringa)

Virginia Wieringa - From the Repetition category:

Repetition and variety create unity. (Virginia Wieringa)

Virginia Wieringa - From the Teaching category:

A teacher once said, 'Someone came in the studio and said that your work wasn't fit for pigs. Well, I defended your work. I said it certainly is!' (Virginia Wieringa)