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James Fitzgerald Quotes

Quotes by James Fitzgerald - (6 quotes)

James Fitzgerald - From the Creativity category:

Artistic creation springs from the formative impulse and the craving for emotional expression. (James Fitzgerald)

James Fitzgerald - From the Criticism category:

-Oral history interview, 1965...
I think America produces a lot of people that just aren't artists. They're soft. They work too often in a half-assed way and there's nothing strong that comes out. (James Fitzgerald)

James Fitzgerald - From the Discovery category:

In spite of all the planning I may put into a painting, it never comes out the way I envision it, and if a painter should state otherwise about his effort, I would doubt him. This attribute alone is enough to make a person wish to paint, since the discoveries that await him and the problems he must encounter are more than he can successfully solve in a lifetime. (James Fitzgerald)

James Fitzgerald - From the Expression category:

- b.1899 - d.1971...
Art as therapy produces bad art. (James Fitzgerald)

James Fitzgerald - From the Problems category:

A painting may be developing the way you had envisioned it; you begin to discover [that] the problems stare you in the face. You solve one, and two more appear. Onward and onward you go... always demanding more of yourself, more than you know you can produce. (James Fitzgerald)

James Fitzgerald - From the Teaching category:

-Oral history interview, 1965...
Most of the artists there were practicing artists, and they weren't interested in a teaching schedule where all their days were broken up... the artists were happier when they had time for their own work. (James Fitzgerald)