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Bonnie Mandoe Quotes

Quotes by Bonnie Mandoe - (9 quotes)

Bonnie Mandoe - From the Editing category:

Maybe because I was trained as a writer, I edit while I paint. For me, it's part of the process and it gets me where I want to go. I don't have the ability to see my finished painting in my mind's eye before it hits the canvas. (Bonnie Mandoe)

Bonnie Mandoe - From the Finishing category:

At a certain moment, the painting will shout or whisper, 'Leave me alone,' and we must hear, and agree, and give up our active role in the conversation and let the painting speak for itself. (Bonnie Mandoe)

Bonnie Mandoe - From the Gender category:

The two biggest challenges women painters face are 1- Trying to paint what they see, rather than what they feel and 2- Recognizing and demolishing sentimentality. (Bonnie Mandoe)

Bonnie Mandoe - From the Inspiration category:

My work is inspired by two things: the external world and the internal world. A good day is when they meet on canvas. (Bonnie Mandoe)

Bonnie Mandoe - From the Love category:

It is love, nothing less, that moves the painter's eye, mind and hand. (Bonnie Mandoe)

Bonnie Mandoe - From the Painting category:

What's better about a painting is that you can give it birth without a social security number, leave it alone without charges of neglect, and kill it without a prison sentence. (Bonnie Mandoe)

Bonnie Mandoe - From the Practice category:

You have to paint a lot for the good things to happen... have numerous pieces going at once... move between them, stay detached to see them more clearly. (Bonnie Mandoe)

Bonnie Mandoe - From the Simplicity category:

Leave things out. Just don't leave out the chocolate when making chocolate cake. (Bonnie Mandoe)

Bonnie Mandoe - From the Teaching category:

As an instructor, it's imperative to stimulate people to think... ask questions... the right questions... (Bonnie Mandoe)