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Kris Courtney Quotes

Quotes by Kris Courtney - (13 quotes)

Kris Courtney - From the Creativity category:

An Artist must surrender to Conscious Delivery or Sub-Conscious Creativity; never must the two ever meet except in passing... (Kris Courtney)

Kris Courtney - From the Education category:

I studied painting in school once. It almost ruined me as an artist. (Kris Courtney)

Kris Courtney - From the Eroticism category:

The erotic is applied only to the viewer - the artist is solely responsible for the passion. (Kris Courtney)

Kris Courtney - From the Frustration category:

I wish I could tell you that my artistry, writings and visions arrive on time during excitement and peaceful days... Instead, my depression and frustrations offer the best form of torture and angst for creative fruits... (Kris Courtney)

Kris Courtney - From the Guidance category:

- Norma Jean's Sun...
Even in my worst of times, I have retained the need to understand that touch of Divine Guidance. (Kris Courtney)

Kris Courtney - From the Illusion category:

Never in our silent moments of illusion do we sense the dark parallel that lives next to us. Nor do we suspect the carrier. (Kris Courtney)

Kris Courtney - From the Imitation category:

Please, do not imitate my method of artistry and fame; save yourself from the pain. (Kris Courtney)

Kris Courtney - From the Painting category:

All painting is an expression of isolation. Only when I allow others inside the studio do I become social - my canvas becomes my mask, my deception and prison. (Kris Courtney)

Kris Courtney - From the Perseverance category:

I fall down every week, But I get up every Day! (Kris Courtney)

Kris Courtney - From the Religion category:

It matters not that we assign ourselves a religious persuasion; it matters not where we spend our final days. Though this may be something we cannot accept until we accept the inevitability of our own death, what matters is that we leave the way we came into this world, with God by our side. (Kris Courtney)

Kris Courtney - From the Risk category:

Risk nothing and lose everything; Risk everything and lose nothing. (Kris Courtney)

Kris Courtney - From the Solitude category:

I was originally going to get up today and be a part of all this; instead I'm going to just stay right here - in my own skin... (Kris Courtney)

Kris Courtney - From the Vision category:

As an Artist, I would tell you that Vision is my Greatest asset. But actually, it's my mind that I value the most, I think I can do Okay as long as that one hangs around a little while longer... (Kris Courtney)