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Paul Russo Quotes

Quotes by Paul Russo - (11 quotes)

Paul Russo - From the Artists category:

Artists make art... everyone else talks about it. (Paul Russo)

Paul Russo - From the Colour category:

Through a process of trial and error and experimentation, I discovered the simplest method - using only black - produced work with the strongest visual impact installed. (Paul Russo)

Paul Russo - From the Culture category:

There must not be a canon of orthodoxy where art is judged and measured. The culture cannot move forward with our heads turned backwards. (Paul Russo)

Paul Russo - From the Energy category:

Karma is an energy debt which you owe or an energy credit which is owed you. Both involve compound interest that is added to the equation making it either a burden or a blessing. (Paul Russo)

Paul Russo - From the Excellence category:

Many people can reach for and achieve excellence. To do this consistently is what separates masters and geniuses from everyone else. (Paul Russo)

Paul Russo - From the Genius category:

Obsessive devotion to creating can spark that which is called 'genius.' Smarter or more gifted? The 'madness' is the insatiable drive to discover, achieve and create. Monomania can develop into 'genius,' as the individual delves deeper into the process leaving normal parameters behind. (Paul Russo)

Paul Russo - From the Keys category:

Persistence and love of one's work is the key. (Paul Russo)

Paul Russo - From the Rejection category:

Coping with rejection is an important skill to learn and understand when navigating the Art World. Rejection and disinterest is the rule, not the exception. (Paul Russo)

Paul Russo - From the Spirituality category:

I'm more convinced each day of the complete unreality of the material world and the supreme vitality of the invisible world of spirit. (Paul Russo)

Paul Russo - From the Success category:

Success for an artist is completed work. Very successful artists complete a lot of work. It's that simple. (Paul Russo)

Paul Russo - From the Work category:

I work without commercial considerations. (Paul Russo)