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Gabriel Marcel Quotes

Quotes by Gabriel Marcel - (7 quotes)

Gabriel Marcel - From the Contemplation category:

The wise man knows how to run his life so that contemplation is possible. (Gabriel Marcel)

Gabriel Marcel - From the Freedom category:

My freedom is not and cannot be something that I observe as I observe an outward fact; rather it must be something that I decide, moreover, without appeal. It is beyond the power of anyone to reject the decision by which I assert my freedom and this assertion is ultimately bound up with the consciousness that I have of myself. (Gabriel Marcel)

Gabriel Marcel - From the Hope category:

There can be no hope that does not constitute itself through a we and for a we. I would be tempted to say that all hope is at the bottom choral. (Gabriel Marcel)

Gabriel Marcel - From the Life category:

Life is not a problem to be solved but a mystery to be experienced. (Gabriel Marcel)

Gabriel Marcel - From the Music category:

But however measurable, there is much more life in music than mathematics or logic ever dreamed of. (Gabriel Marcel)

Gabriel Marcel - From the Taste category:

A really alive person is not merely someone who has a taste for life, but somebody who spreads that taste, showering it, as it were, around him; and a person who is really alive in this way, quite apart from any tangible achievements, has something essentially creative. (Gabriel Marcel)

Gabriel Marcel - From the Wisdom category:

Contemplation and wisdom are highest achievements and man is not totally at home with them. (Gabriel Marcel)