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Ian Factor Quotes

Quotes by Ian Factor - (20 quotes)

Ian Factor - From the Beauty category:

Which do we decide to see, beauty or its opposite? How do we decide to live our lives? (Ian Factor)

Ian Factor - From the Criticism category:

We may judge the artist, the work, but are we not really only judging ourselves? (Ian Factor)

Ian Factor - From the Doubt category:

Remember, with every doubt comes a hitch in the natural flow of being. (Ian Factor)

Ian Factor - From the Ego category:

Through our search for the highest, purest state of being we must go through a process of attaining a heightened state of self-awareness, confidence, concentration, total commandment of all facilities and a deep connection and commitment to the world around us, while at the same time completely letting go of ego, self and all external attachments, wide open to whatever direction nature decides to take us. (Ian Factor)

Ian Factor - From the Ego category:

A most deeply personal experience... and now with no ego, utterly open and naked, we are judged. (Ian Factor)

Ian Factor - From the Exhibitions category:

The exhibition (art made public) is a strange thing indeed. (Ian Factor)

Ian Factor - From the Failure category:

Yet failure is growth... but then growth only leads to eventual decay; the fall of a tree leads to the growth of a new generation of life. So isn't this truth as well? (Ian Factor)

Ian Factor - From the Freedom category:

There are moments that make us free, instances in which there exist no doubt, no question, and all the universe flows through us... And then we bring these moments to a physical plane. May this plane be the surface of a canvas? (Ian Factor)

Ian Factor - From the Greatness category:

To some, art is a trite and trivial activity in these times of war and intolerance, yet if all human beings functioned on the level of self-awareness and ego-less meditation that brings about great works of art and self-discovery, there would be no space for violence and hate... all things in life would be seen as they truly are; beautiful. (Ian Factor)

Ian Factor - From the Journey category:

I am closer now than I ever have been, but shouldn't this be the way? (Ian Factor)

Ian Factor - From the Meditation category:

My meditation is without hesitation, and the marks left behind are indications of a state of oneness with my environment, my people and the universe. (Ian Factor)

Ian Factor - From the Movement category:

We float effortlessly in the ethereal tide of the movement of the rhythms of nature and the vibrations of the pulse of life. (Ian Factor)

Ian Factor - From the Mysteries category:

What is this mysterious thing we all talk of so freely, and yet about which have such little, if any, comprehension? What is it that guides us and directs us outside and beyond our frail, fragile, confused egos? (Ian Factor)

Ian Factor - From the Nature category:

I recently witnessed two doves, one black, one white, building a nest in my window sill. The next day two eggs were laid, and on the 1st day of June, the new babies were hatched... tiny, little, wet, long-necked creatures feeding, shaking and trying to stay warm under mother's cover (the blue ring around her eye is as pure as the heavens above). And this morning, the little newborns stretched and flapped their wings for the first time; preparation for flight. (Ian Factor)

Ian Factor - From the Questions category:

Where do we go when we dream? Meditate? Die? Where do we go when we create? What is the essence of the wind? (Ian Factor)

Ian Factor - From the Searching category:

And so I search for truth through my art, which is to say, my art is only a vehicle for my freedom. (Ian Factor)

Ian Factor - From the Senses category:

When the wind blows and the warm sun strikes our cold bodies, do we actually feel it, or do we reason it into being? How many of us are actually alive? Actually living? Look around. (Ian Factor)

Ian Factor - From the Truth category:

What is the difference between the idea of truth and actual truth? Wouldn't actual truth be larger than our own pre-conceived notions? Does it originate in a place beyond our own concept of right and wrong, good and bad? (Ian Factor)

Ian Factor - From the Understanding category:

What does it take to let go of our egos, to float comfortably in the nothingness? Would this not be the only way to understand and attain clarity of our guiding spirit? (Ian Factor)

Ian Factor - From the Words category:

How then can I describe in words (limiting symbols to describe the limitless) something that is so pure and so beautiful that it takes me to a place in which all is effortless, ego-less and infinite? (Ian Factor)