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William Tapley Quotes

Quotes by William Tapley - (3 quotes)

William Tapley - From the Colour category:

Hue does not refer to how light, dark, or intense, but only what kind of color: what hue. It takes all three aspects to make a color, therefore 'red' is not a color, but only one aspect, the hue, of some partially defined color. (William Tapley)

William Tapley - From the Colour category:

Full color experience is peculiarly satisfying even though it is exhausting and leaves you feeling two-thirds color blind when you're not making the effort. (William Tapley)

William Tapley - From the Colour category:

When you want full color perception, you must give up preferring some colors (only partially seen) and hating others, for you can only hate one aspect of a color, not a whole color, it seems, hate being blind, like 'love.' (William Tapley)