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Ross Penhall Quotes

Quotes by Ross Penhall - (5 quotes)

Ross Penhall - From the Artists category:

I am alive and outside is green and waiting. (Ross Penhall)

Ross Penhall - From the Communication category:

When someone likes your work there's a reason, you're obviously communicating. (Ross Penhall)

Ross Penhall - From the Painting category:

Once I began to paint trees (forests, specifically), I needed an escape route, a way out, a trail, an open space, to offer my canvas (and my audience) freedom. Manmade footpaths became an efficient way through a landscape. In architecture they are called desire lines, and in a painting they are a vehicle to lead the eye -- and the psyche -- deeper into my work. (Ross Penhall)

Ross Penhall - From the Simplicity category:

I love eliminating unnecessary details and distilling it down to what it is that I'm attracted to, whether it's lights and darks, shadows, contrast between large and small, near and far, leading the eye through the painting. (Ross Penhall)

Ross Penhall - From the Struggle category:

You should see me when they [the paintings] don't work out. I won't leave until I can get them to a point. Sometimes it's a struggle, and I'm sweating, I break out in sweat. This whole idea of the euphoric artist in the studio... painting can be that, but it sometimes isn't, it's a lot of work. (Ross Penhall)