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Leslie Montana Quotes

Quotes by Leslie Montana - (7 quotes)

Leslie Montana - From the Meditation category:

Meditation centers me and when I have arrived at a place of 'no struggle' I begin. A good description of how this process feels is 'effortless' very hard work. (Leslie Montana)

Leslie Montana - From the Nature category:

Nature's inherent wisdom is constantly communicating through form and color in ways that your hand and brush can follow with a little training. Just let your heart paint, and let your head take second place. (Leslie Montana)

Leslie Montana - From the Pleasure category:

My pleasure and vocation are to share with you the transcendent aspects of my experience visually through my paintings. The imprint of what I receive psychically becomes part of the painting, interwoven with the paint itself. (Leslie Montana)

Leslie Montana - From the Quality category:

Attention to quality of time spent on any given work of art is what makes a work of art speak and gives it its primary language, which is common to all souls, light. This light is visible on many levels. It is not something you think about, it is a quality you feel and see at the same time. (Leslie Montana)

Leslie Montana - From the Senses category:

Nature speaks to us through our senses in ways that are unique to each of us. Whether it's through vision, feelings, inner impressions, insights or in other ways, we exchange energy with nature all the time. Our senses, both inner and outer provide pathways that help us to integrate and make use of it all. (Leslie Montana)

Leslie Montana - From the Silence category:

There is a powerful kind of silence that engages my consciousness during my most centered and productive moments. This inner space has a quality of active, very alive, utter stillness. It is where I hear the voice of my creative muse most clearly. (Leslie Montana)

Leslie Montana - From the Subject category:

The universal appeal of flowers is a given - we all know flowers are beautiful. With my work I show you why they are beautiful and how they are beautiful through my eyes. (Leslie Montana)