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Dana Levin Quotes

Quotes by Dana Levin - (10 quotes)

Dana Levin - From the Application category:

Apply yourself to your work with everything you have. (Dana Levin)

Dana Levin - From the Business category:

My career is to paint - that's the best part - that I am able to paint and have complete freedom and control over my art and business. The hardest part is thinking about the business end of everything. I would much rather spend all my time at the easel. (Dana Levin)

Dana Levin - From the Criticism category:

Don't let criticism get in the way of learning. Whatever negative comments a teacher or a college or even your family may make, consider them. Take it as an opportunity to see your work with a different perspective. (Dana Levin)

Dana Levin - From the Discovery category:

Painting from nature is about the discovery of truth. Discovering beauty, discovering humanity. It explores our existence by giving body to ideas, through the undeceiving physicality of its subjects. (Dana Levin)

Dana Levin - From the Distraction category:

Study and practice as much as you can. There will be distractions, such as friends or family wanting your time and attention, but make sure your work doesn't suffer. (Dana Levin)

Dana Levin - From the Doubt category:

Stick it out through the hard times and don't doubt yourself. Have people in your life who believe in you to give you a pep talk. (Dana Levin)

Dana Levin - From the Inspiration category:

I am inspired by symbols and stories of the desire to bridge a gap. This could take the form of our conscious and our subconscious, between lovers, or between humanity and the divine. (Dana Levin)

Dana Levin - From the Museums category:

I go to a museum and see a painting someone living in the past has made and I'm completely blown away. The nature of human beings has not changed. Everyone wants to avoid suffering and look for love. (Dana Levin)

Dana Levin - From the Priorities category:

When you wake in the morning and think of your day, put painting at the top of your list. And when you are in studio working, put all other things out of your mind. (Dana Levin)

Dana Levin - From the Worth category:

Art is something that has real value. It deepens each person's respect for life. (Dana Levin)