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Jyotsna Kadam Quotes

Quotes by Jyotsna Kadam - (4 quotes)

Jyotsna Kadam - From the Copying category:

A painting or a picture is not a real copy of the actual object or person. It is a co-ordination of line, color and form in space. The Artist's life gives him his content and that content is expressed through line, color and form. (Jyotsna Kadam)

Jyotsna Kadam - From the Solitude category:

Mountain Sahyadri has shared my pains and pleasure since childhood. I have loved being alone, questioning myself and the universe, talking to nature, taking mountain walks, being a part of the cosmos. (Jyotsna Kadam)

Jyotsna Kadam - From the Understanding category:

When we are able to read a painting only through our eyes without opening our mouth, we become familiar with the language of this Art and can try to understand a painter and his work. (Jyotsna Kadam)

Jyotsna Kadam - From the Words category:

Line, Form, Space, and Colour are used as words to weave a painting together and to make sense of and to communicate feelings. It should have a rhythm, a focal point and a balance. (Jyotsna Kadam)