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Janine Parsons Quotes

Quotes by Janine Parsons - (6 quotes)

Janine Parsons - From the Colour category:

If the tones are balanced, you can use almost any colour. (Janine Parsons)

Janine Parsons - From the Contrasts category:

A common problem for beginners is their fear of bold contrast. The decision to reduce tonal range in this way is a misguided attempt to draw attention away from any errors. It only robs the work of vitality and depth. (Janine Parsons)

Janine Parsons - From the Flow category:

Constant yet constantly changing / Resisting confinement / Making one's own path to the ocean... where no river is refused. / Going with the flow! (Janine Parsons)

Janine Parsons - From the Mediums category:

Pushing the medium toward its limits, the drawing becomes a painting. (Janine Parsons)

Janine Parsons - From the Pastels category:

Like an alchemist... transmute dusty, dry, opaque pastel into fluid, shiny transparent effects. The solid becomes transient. (Janine Parsons)

Janine Parsons - From the Realism category:

It is ironic that to achieve convincing realism, one must think in the most abstract of ways... To do otherwise is to fall into the trap of seeing only what is expected. (Janine Parsons)