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Samuel Adoquei Quotes

Quotes by Samuel Adoquei - (9 quotes)

Samuel Adoquei - From the Artists category:

The artist that paints every tiny little detail is an artist with nothing better to do. (Samuel Adoquei)

Samuel Adoquei - From the Dreams category:

Pretend your dream to be a realistic entity that belongs to you but exists somewhere in cyber space. Then find a reasoning, logic and scientific solution to make the dream a reality. (Samuel Adoquei)

Samuel Adoquei - From the Friendship category:

Bridges: for the sake of unpredictable storms and floods, do not burn or break a bridge - sneak across, jump off, maybe try fixing it before walking away. (Samuel Adoquei)

Samuel Adoquei - From the Goals category:

The message is the core goal; it is like the end of the tunnel theory. Even though the end of the tunnel is what matters, planning to get there is what is important. (Samuel Adoquei)

Samuel Adoquei - From the Ideas category:

Great dreams and great ideas play hide and seek or catch me if you can on your mind, catch one great idea, cage it in your mind's prison, interrogate it until it reveals how it can become a reality. (Samuel Adoquei)

Samuel Adoquei - From the Meaning category:

A painting without a clarifying message is like wallpaper or just a clip of an image. (Samuel Adoquei)

Samuel Adoquei - From the Painting category:

The indirect psychological effect is what is fascinating about paintings... great paintings can psychologically stimulate our imagination and direct that imagination on to other areas. (Samuel Adoquei)

Samuel Adoquei - From the Portraiture category:

There is a lot to be gained from painted portraits. A true portrait is fuller and richer than simply an image on a flat surface. (Samuel Adoquei)

Samuel Adoquei - From the Rewards category:

Combine all your healthy wishes, dreams and hopes into investing in your talent and in the acquisition of knowledge and wisdom. If your art contributes to society, or to the art enthusiasts around you, then you are rewarded honestly, and more so if you make yourself useful to the world around you. (Samuel Adoquei)