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Jim Pescott Quotes

Quotes by Jim Pescott - (4 quotes)

Jim Pescott - From the Aging category:

Aging for me has been a natural catalyst; it allowed my thoughts to clear, much as if I'd been drinking all night and then found enlightenment in a morning hangover. (Jim Pescott)

Jim Pescott - From the Colour category:

This may sound a bit simple, but the rainbow was my teaching source about mixing color. (Jim Pescott)

Jim Pescott - From the Struggle category:

If I struggle with a painting, and find the wisdom at the time to know I'm struggling, it is because my inner child has been neglected. When I invite my inner child back into 'the picture' my struggling dissolves. (Jim Pescott)

Jim Pescott - From the Worth category:

There is a world lost in the subtle things if we don't single them out and allow them treasured value. (Jim Pescott)