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Nancy Guzik Quotes

Quotes by Nancy Guzik - (5 quotes)

Nancy Guzik - From the Artists category:

We all strive to become better artists technically, but it's the honesty of our personal language that truly captivates the viewer. No other artist sees the world exactly as I do or feels what I feel. Only I can share my story. (Nancy Guzik)

Nancy Guzik - From the Children category:

There is something that all children are born with that I connect with. As my painting begins to unfold, the child and I are drawn together into a magical process of creativity. Meeting on this creative level, we journey together into the realm of imagination - and into the world of art we go. (Nancy Guzik)

Nancy Guzik - From the Love category:

The difference between my husband, the painter Richard Schmid, and myself is that he loves what he paints and I paint what I love. (Nancy Guzik)

Nancy Guzik - From the Mentors category:

Richard taught me to identify and understand what I am passionate about and then paint it. (Nancy Guzik)

Nancy Guzik - From the Truth category:

Somewhere within all of us we long for a certain truth, each searching in our own way, possibly to know and feel who we are and why we are here on earth. At times there is a yearning to express that. Perhaps that is why I paint. (Nancy Guzik)