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Beverly Claridge Quotes

Quotes by Beverly Claridge - (5 quotes)

Beverly Claridge - From the Growth category:

I've grown to not take myself too seriously, but take my painting quite seriously. (Beverly Claridge)

Beverly Claridge - From the Inspiration category:

Inspiration is a byproduct of discipline... simply getting up everyday and planning, plotting, sketching, setting up or actually applying paint to a painting. (Beverly Claridge)

Beverly Claridge - From the Questions category:

Which questions do I answer, and which do I leave the viewer to ponder? (Beverly Claridge)

Beverly Claridge - From the Solitude category:

It may say a lot about postmodern sensibilities to think that art is best made in solitude. Many of our great classical artists had helpers in an atelier type setting. (Beverly Claridge)

Beverly Claridge - From the Worry category:

Worrying does not solve anything. (Beverly Claridge)