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Nitin Sawhney Quotes

Quotes by Nitin Sawhney - (7 quotes)

Nitin Sawhney - From the Individuality category:

We live in a context, but we're also individuals. We need to explore both. (Nitin Sawhney)

Nitin Sawhney - From the Information category:

More and more we're negating the validity of first-hand experience of people from other countries and other cultures... whether it's on TV, the Internet, mobile phones or whatever – the world system we live in so values second-hand information. (Nitin Sawhney)

Nitin Sawhney - From the Instinct category:

You have yourself and your instinct – there isn't anything else at the end of the day. (Nitin Sawhney)

Nitin Sawhney - From the Language category:

It's my language, the language I speak. I've spent a lot more time playing music than talking or writing. (Nitin Sawhney)

Nitin Sawhney - From the Listening category:

Your subconscious protects you. It's all about listening to it. (Nitin Sawhney)

Nitin Sawhney - From the Passion category:

I've got a passion for what I'm doing and I feel privileged all the time. (Nitin Sawhney)

Nitin Sawhney - From the Solitude category:

Solitude gives you the ideas and the motivation to make you want to collaborate. (Nitin Sawhney)