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Hiram Williams Quotes

Quotes by Hiram Williams - (4 quotes)

Hiram Williams - From the Ideas category:

Idea is the hinge upon which a painting swings. Intention is discovered when idea is embodied in the medium. (Hiram Williams)

Hiram Williams - From the Obsession category:

Need must find idea and method; obsession follows. Obsession cannot occur before idea... As idea leads, the form of one's art emerges, and at its best, an accumulation of painted images leads to a surrogate of the real world... (Hiram Williams)

Hiram Williams - From the Recognition category:

-loosely quoted from Notes for a Young Painter...
Create a truly resounding metaphor and the art world will beat a path to your door. (Hiram Williams)

Hiram Williams - From the Searching category:

The search is always for the real, the lie of art that becomes the truth of experience. (Hiram Williams)