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John H. Wurdeman Quotes

Quotes by John H. Wurdeman - (3 quotes)

John H. Wurdeman - From the Humility category:

To seek exalted beauty with humility and to communicate it with awe, have always been and always will be considered noble, for it is not dependent on the times one lives in. (John H. Wurdeman)

John H. Wurdeman - From the Plein-Air category:

Painting in subzero weather with a brush stuck through a wool sock is still practiced in Russia. Even studies in watercolor are made in winter by using vodka to dilute the paints because it does not freeze. (John H. Wurdeman)

John H. Wurdeman - From the Simplicity category:

The more one learns how to paint the simpler vision, like peeling away layers of extra baggage and preconceptions, one begins to arrive at a deep and personal encounter with creation. (John H. Wurdeman)