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Donna Baspaly Quotes

Quotes by Donna Baspaly - (4 quotes)

Donna Baspaly - From the Flexibility category:

If there is something wonderful happening in the paint, stay open to that and work with it rather than against it. Stay flexible to the adventure of creativity... (Donna Baspaly)

Donna Baspaly - From the Journey category:

If you keep following your own footprints, you will end up where you began, but if you stretch yourself your artwork will flourish. (Donna Baspaly)

Donna Baspaly - From the Materials category:

Being familiar with art materials and what you can do technically, will only heighten your ability to express emotion. (Donna Baspaly)

Donna Baspaly - From the Texture category:

Texture can occur before you put brush to paper, it can be added during the process, or as the final step of the painting... The eye will be attracted to the textured areas... guide your viewer through the painting. The general rule is to use less not more. (Donna Baspaly)