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Kathryn Mullaney Quotes

Quotes by Kathryn Mullaney - (5 quotes)

Kathryn Mullaney - From the Finishing category:

As a painting nears completion, I sometimes wonder when to stop... the best clue for me is when I start painting the next one in my head. (Kathryn Mullaney)

Kathryn Mullaney - From the Pastels category:

As soon as I began blending those beautiful sticks of pure pigment with my fingers, I was hooked! – a medium with no drying time and such a tremendous variety of hues... (Kathryn Mullaney)

Kathryn Mullaney - From the Problems category:

Each painting presents its own set of problems, challenges and opportunities to grow. To be honest, I hope I never become entirely comfortable with what I'm doing... (Kathryn Mullaney)

Kathryn Mullaney - From the Simplicity category:

I will eventually simplify my style, but I know it will be a gradual, unconscious metamorphosis, rather than an affectation. (Kathryn Mullaney)

Kathryn Mullaney - From the Solitude category:

As a child I was often drawing when other children were playing outside. The time I spent alone taught me to enjoy my own company, an attribute which is desirable when choosing a career in art. (Kathryn Mullaney)