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Joseph Tany Quotes

Quotes by Joseph Tany - (5 quotes)

Joseph Tany - From the Ego category:

Ego is the memory and the use of information and the cultivating of will – no real creativity is possible within its boundaries. The passion and the compassion is unbelievably deeper than what our subconscious id could ever hold. (Joseph Tany)

Joseph Tany - From the Habit category:

As you get more and more into the habit of painting, you develop your inside relation with the process. (Joseph Tany)

Joseph Tany - From the Ideas category:

Developing ideas is unnecessary. Every step one makes, there will be an entirely new land expecting him. Just make your step. (Joseph Tany)

Joseph Tany - From the Questions category:

Would it be that walking through the darkness is a gate? Is a way to free the eyes? Is painting really a visual art? (Joseph Tany)

Joseph Tany - From the Senses category:

Not much can be seen in the dark, but sensed yes. (Joseph Tany)