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Dame Laura Knight Quotes

Quotes by Dame Laura Knight - (3 quotes)

Dame Laura Knight - From the Drawing category:

As in the fourteen likes of a sonnet, a few strokes of the pencil can hold immensity. (Dame Laura Knight)

Dame Laura Knight - From the Models category:

- arrangement with the ballerina...
Her room should be my studio, she should never stay in any position on my account, she should go on with her make-up and dressing, stand in front of the long glass and go through positions and steps. We were both workers. There was to be no conversation. (Dame Laura Knight)

Dame Laura Knight - From the Purpose category:

One of the greatest moments of Mother's life came when she found that I, a mere baby, was never so content as with pencil and paper; even before I could speak or walk, I drew. There was no question of my purpose in life. (Dame Laura Knight)