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Charles Thomson Quotes

Quotes by Charles Thomson - (5 quotes)

Charles Thomson - From the Contemporary Art category:

Art has to have meaning and emotional resonance. Contemporary exhibits of conceptual installation, video work etc. have neither. I leave them with my life depleted rather than enhanced. (Charles Thomson)

Charles Thomson - From the Desire category:

I want a career and conventional success but despite such desires I am usually tripped up by my inability to stop saying what I really believe. (Charles Thomson)

Charles Thomson - From the Insecurity category:

I am now completely acclimatized to the security of an unpredictable and insecure life. (Charles Thomson)

Charles Thomson - From the Obsession category:

Sometimes painting becomes so addictive that I once painted for three days without sleep. (Charles Thomson)

Charles Thomson - From the Painting category:

When I am painting, the wholeness I feel makes any other activity seem hollow and superficial. (Charles Thomson)