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Dan Young Quotes

Quotes by Dan Young - (4 quotes)

Dan Young - From the Dealers category:

Galleries come and go for many reasons so you must assume that you will have to replace one of ten galleries every year or two. (Dan Young)

Dan Young - From the Fear category:

At one time or another all of us have experienced a paralyzing fear that prevented us from moving forward with our lives. Fear of failure and fear of ridicule can be a prison that we create for ourselves. (Dan Young)

Dan Young - From the Painting category:

Painting is about having something to say, and saying it in your own words. (Dan Young)

Dan Young - From the Simplicity category:

It's easier to cover the canvas in a smaller painting, and a single paint stroke can have a lot of importance. The difficult part is keeping things simple and avoiding overworking the piece with too much information. (Dan Young)