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Jamie Lavin Quotes

Quotes by Jamie Lavin - (6 quotes)

Jamie Lavin - From the Acrylics category:

To do gradations in acrylic, I use Golden's acrylic glazing liquid like I own the factory! A nylon or nylon blend brush will evenly distribute pigment and let the colors 'share' one another. (Jamie Lavin)

Jamie Lavin - From the Colour category:

There is an undeniable virtue to a true black; allowing the brain to be mesmerized and pulling the pupils deep into that unfound but sensed abyss. (Jamie Lavin)

Jamie Lavin - From the Fire category:

How close we are in behavior to moths attracted to the flame. Trying not to burn out too quickly. (Jamie Lavin)

Jamie Lavin - From the Humility category:

It's good to have some humility, a daily dose of reality, and to always remember where our talent comes from, ultimately. (Jamie Lavin)

Jamie Lavin - From the Questions category:

I hear at shows, 'What do you do - I mean, for a real job?' (Jamie Lavin)

Jamie Lavin - From the Words category:

I love seeing how words turn into skills, just as demonstrations turn into paintings. (Jamie Lavin)