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Horace Walpole Quotes

Quotes by Horace Walpole - (4 quotes)

Horace Walpole - From the Criticism category:

-on Sir Joshua Reynolds...
All his own geese are swans, as the swans of others are geese. (Horace Walpole)

Horace Walpole - From the Interest category:

The whole secret of life is to be interested in one thing profoundly and in a thousand things well. (Horace Walpole)

Horace Walpole - From the Performance category:

Men are often capable of greater things than they perform. They are sent into the world with bills of credit, and seldom draw to their full extent. (Horace Walpole)

Horace Walpole - From the Taste category:

-on Piranesi...
He piles palaces on bridges, and temples on palaces, and scales Heaven with mountains of edifices. Yet what taste in his boldness! (Horace Walpole)