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Mark Tobey Quotes

Quotes by Mark Tobey - (7 quotes)

Mark Tobey - From the Criticism category:

According to one critic, my works looked like scraped billboards. I went to look at the billboards and decided that more billboards should be scraped. (Mark Tobey)

Mark Tobey - From the Discovery category:

On pavements and the bark of trees I have found whole worlds. (Mark Tobey)

Mark Tobey - From the Meditation category:

I believe that painting should come through the avenues of meditation rather than the canals of action. (Mark Tobey)

Mark Tobey - From the Painting category:

I've tried to decentralize and interpenetrate so that all parts of a painting are of related value... (Mark Tobey)

Mark Tobey - From the Problems category:

Problems are an important part of maturing - meet them straight on. Work them out. It's like the chick in the egg. It has to break through the eggshell on its own. That's how it gains its first strength. If you break the shell for the chick, you end up with a puny little runt. (Mark Tobey)

Mark Tobey - From the Space category:

The dimension that counts for the creative person is the space he creates within himself. This inner space is closer to the infinite than the other, and it is the privilege of the balanced mind... and the search for an equilibrium is essential – to be as aware of inner space as he is of outer space. (Mark Tobey)

Mark Tobey - From the Wonder category:

Sitting on the floor of a room in Japan, looking out on a small garden with flowers blooming and dragonflies hovering in space, I suddenly felt as if I had been too long above my boots. (Mark Tobey)