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Rockwell Kent Quotes

Quotes by Rockwell Kent - (8 quotes)

Rockwell Kent - From the Criticism category:

If, to the viewer's eyes, my world appears less beautiful than his, I'm to be pitied and the viewer praised. (Rockwell Kent)

Rockwell Kent - From the Freedom category:

We say - speak, paint, carve, write, express ourselves... as we damn please. And in both the doing of things and the talking about them - which together seem to me to sum up life - we so crave freedom or liberty or whatever one may choose to call it as to justify our Declaration's romantically terming it an inalienable right of Man, bestowed on Man by his Creator. (Rockwell Kent)

Rockwell Kent - From the Idealism category:

I think the ideals of youth are fine, clear and unencumbered; the real art of living consists in keeping alive the conscience and sense of values we had when we were young. (Rockwell Kent)

Rockwell Kent - From the Plein-Air category:

There is discomfort, even misery in being cold, and yet do you know I love this misery and court it. (Rockwell Kent)

Rockwell Kent - From the Politics category:

Force against reason: reason, because it has the power of enlisting force to fight for it, will win. From the recognition of that truth has come democracy. (Rockwell Kent)

Rockwell Kent - From the Silence category:

In quietness the soul expands... (Rockwell Kent)

Rockwell Kent - From the Travel category:

-Voyaging: Southward from the Strait of Magellan...
All things look good from far away and it is man's eternally persistent childlike faith in the reality of that illusion that has made him the triumphant restless being he is. (Rockwell Kent)

Rockwell Kent - From the Understanding category:

Art must unquestionably have a social value; that is, as a potential means of communication it must be addressed, and in comprehensible terms, to the understanding of mankind. (Rockwell Kent)