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Nathan Oliveira Quotes

Quotes by Nathan Oliveira - (12 quotes)

Nathan Oliveira - From the Contentment category:

Though I have considerable interest in Europe and in traveling, I am most content with simply working and allowing the world that I'm creating to unfold before my eyes. (Nathan Oliveira)

Nathan Oliveira - From the Culture category:

My work has usually been universal. The figures have never really been that specific. They're not clothed; they're not identified with any trappings that specifically tie them down to 2005. It could be today, but they could be from some other time, a long time ago. (Nathan Oliveira)

Nathan Oliveira - From the Desire category:

I had the desire to paint the figure without actually painting the figure. (Nathan Oliveira)

Nathan Oliveira - From the Light category:

Figures must have their own light. It wasn't light that struck the figure in a certain way - the light, the luminosity of white, was in the figure. It emanated from the paint itself. (Nathan Oliveira)

Nathan Oliveira - From the Mediums category:

For me, painting is that magical material, that beautiful stuff that was invented, the ground-up pigments in oil which makes it very malleable. It can be manipulated and changed, darkened, lightened, given different hues and colors, so that by manipulating this material somehow I can find that figure I'm looking for, that figure that represents all the issues I'm bringing up and addressing. (Nathan Oliveira)

Nathan Oliveira - From the Models category:

What I'm concerned about now is creating a metaphor for what the figure really is. (Nathan Oliveira)

Nathan Oliveira - From the Modernism category:

I am not the avant-garde. I am the artist who comes after the advancing guard. I am more concerned with continuity of ideas and tradition than in inventing a unique imagery. (Nathan Oliveira)

Nathan Oliveira - From the Muse category:

You're sitting there with your muse and your muse is telling you something and you're following it, and you end up the next day looking at it and thinking, 'What the hell was the muse saying to me?' (Nathan Oliveira)

Nathan Oliveira - From the Nudes category:

The gesture must be correct. If the gesture is correct, your mind really creates the reality of the figure, and it is not necessary to hang on all the rest [of the details]... (Nathan Oliveira)

Nathan Oliveira - From the Painting category:

See the first stroke as a start and everything after that a recovery. (Nathan Oliveira)

Nathan Oliveira - From the Portraiture category:

If a figure doesn't look back at you, you forget it. (Nathan Oliveira)

Nathan Oliveira - From the Technology category:

Given all the technology that we're in the middle of, I would be so pleased if someone would look at one of these prints and say, 'You know, I feel like that.' (Nathan Oliveira)