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Sharon Knettell Quotes

Quotes by Sharon Knettell - (20 quotes)

Sharon Knettell - From the Achievement category:

We should not feel obliged to constantly fill up all the air of our lives with the insane desire to achieve something. This just creates anxiety. It is the spaces in between our work and thoughts that can be the most creative. (Sharon Knettell)

Sharon Knettell - From the Anxiety category:

Inspiration is one thing, but all too often reading art magazines can derail our own journey. We become anxious and jealous when we see tremendously famous artists raking in the goodies while the majority of us labor in obscurity. (Sharon Knettell)

Sharon Knettell - From the Colour category:

I make notes of the colors I use so I am not mucking about when it comes to a large canvas... Color studies save a lot of time and keep your paint work fresh. (Sharon Knettell)

Sharon Knettell - From the Criticism category:

It is easy to criticize an age or a time... Harder still is the effort to make something so beautiful that it brings tears to the eyes and stops your heart. (Sharon Knettell)

Sharon Knettell - From the Culture category:

Our culture... celebrates the shortcuts and calls it 'personal expression,' no matter what kind of garbage or personal neuroses is displayed upon the canvas. We have lost the quest for exquisiteness in our work. (Sharon Knettell)

Sharon Knettell - From the Future category:

The future is never something to be controlled, so making plans for it is like writing words on water. (Sharon Knettell)

Sharon Knettell - From the Ideas category:

Ideas are a dime a dozen - but fully realized, beautifully crafted works of art, the result of completely invested artists, are indeed rare. (Sharon Knettell)

Sharon Knettell - From the Imitation category:

Often, we think that if we emulate the stars, or take a slightly different tack, we will be the ones standing in the winners' circle, loved and admired. This blinds us to the beauty and significance of our original vision and to why we became artists in the first place. (Sharon Knettell)

Sharon Knettell - From the Inspiration category:

Inspiration is not born of 'the eureka moment' but in the quiet spaces we allow ourselves to be in - whether in a beautiful part of nature or in a peaceful meditative state of mind. (Sharon Knettell)

Sharon Knettell - From the Meaning category:

It is unwise to use your art as a pulpit. That is best left to preachers, politicians and journalists... There is a glut of pious rants on canvas... (Sharon Knettell)

Sharon Knettell - From the Models category:

The direct experience in painting from life is almost inexpressible. You are not painting an interpretation from a thin sheet of paper or a digital image but from an interaction with a real live human being. (Sharon Knettell)

Sharon Knettell - From the Modernism category:

-regarding art critic Jerry Saltz's take on 'deskilling'...
This is a modern conundrum. Should those of us who live for aesthetics and beauty leave Rome for the Huns? (Sharon Knettell)

Sharon Knettell - From the Production category:

We are a distracted society; many studies have discounted the value of so-called multi-tasking... the vast output of frenetic, ugly art reflects that. (Sharon Knettell)

Sharon Knettell - From the Realism category:

The contemporary art audience, having had a century of flotsam and jetsam flung at them, think that super-realism is miraculous stuff. (Sharon Knettell)

Sharon Knettell - From the Risk category:

Often, as artists, we must frighten ourselves and take that tightrope over the canyon to the other side. We must allow those ideas to flourish that we damp down because 'clients' or 'galleries' might not find them pleasing or saleable. (Sharon Knettell)

Sharon Knettell - From the Skill category:

Rarely is competent work done without years of preparation and hard won skill - unless you are painting in mid-20th century to early 21st century style when quality is considered an embarrassment. I do believe an MFA student at Columbia (or was it Yale?) referred to it as de-skilling. (Sharon Knettell)

Sharon Knettell - From the Subject category:

I love painting legs and all things Manet. (Sharon Knettell)

Sharon Knettell - From the Time category:

My model schedules me. She comes at 10:30 a.m. whether I am ready or not. (Sharon Knettell)

Sharon Knettell - From the Uniqueness category:

Each piece is unique and takes its own time to be realized. I am not concerned with the quantity, but only that they communicate my understanding of life and my craft at that particular time. (Sharon Knettell)

Sharon Knettell - From the Workshops category:

Giving a proper workshop requires preparation from both the teacher and the student. Even then, unexpected mishaps can occur... the model might not show up. (Sharon Knettell)