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Grace Paleg Quotes

Quotes by Grace Paleg - (7 quotes)

Grace Paleg - From the Complementaries category:

The complementary colours that occur when you look into the light are exciting. It's a dance! (Grace Paleg)

Grace Paleg - From the Immortality category:

I want all the visions to endure. My paintings are my diary. (Grace Paleg)

Grace Paleg - From the Light category:

The presence of the dark gives the light its quality. Our eyes naturally appreciate the areas of light, but we can only do this by acknowledging the darks. (Grace Paleg)

Grace Paleg - From the Pastels category:

Some people like to blend the colours to produce images with a high degree of surface finish – rather like oil painting techniques. Other people believe that much of pastel's attraction lies in its grainy, rough texture and loose network of individual strokes. Many people like to use both effects. (Grace Paleg)

Grace Paleg - From the Plein-Air category:

Working on-site is hard and fast. You have to work it out and get it done. It's like a swordfight. On the other hand, studio work is quiet, contemplative and internal... (Grace Paleg)

Grace Paleg - From the Seeing category:

Everything you see is a reflection of itself. You move around and you are a reflection of what is next to you. (Grace Paleg)

Grace Paleg - From the Simplicity category:

Keep the statement major. Don't be seduced by the minor. Make the little things wait their turn. (Grace Paleg)