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Mark Kostabi Quotes

Quotes by Mark Kostabi - (25 quotes)

Mark Kostabi - From the Advice category:

Do what you love. Go to a good art school and study with the best teachers. Move to New York and read Ask Mark Kostabi. (Mark Kostabi)

Mark Kostabi - From the Artists category:

As a comic book artist, once you become a master, you end up a slave. In fine art you're always free... since I couldn't make it at Marvel, I made my life a carnival. (Mark Kostabi)

Mark Kostabi - From the Collectors category:

Share your enthusiasm with the collector's enthusiasm for the work, and discover things together. Be nice and appreciative and at the same time give them the hint that you're a winner so they believe they've made a good investment. It's simple common sense... (Mark Kostabi)

Mark Kostabi - From the Collectors category:

Many artists and critics see collectors like kids see their parents: as the ones with money and power who just don't get it. Once they start to mingle with the collectors and learn that they are people who have achieved something who then expand into art, they change their minds. (Mark Kostabi)

Mark Kostabi - From the Colour category:

My colors are logically chosen. (Mark Kostabi)

Mark Kostabi - From the Commerce category:

Artists of the world arise – it's time to dump your dealers. (Mark Kostabi)

Mark Kostabi - From the Critics category:

Negative art critics are sexually frustrated. When we hang on every word of some bitchy, negative art critic, it's the same as watching someone scream on the street, publicly begging for sex. Wouldn't you be amused? (Mark Kostabi)

Mark Kostabi - From the Dealers category:

Ending lending is beginning winning. (Mark Kostabi)

Mark Kostabi - From the Dreams category:

One secret to my success is that I am faithful to my dreams and don't cheat on my dreams by taking drugs or blaming others when things don't go right. (Mark Kostabi)

Mark Kostabi - From the Gender category:

A female artist friend of mine recently told me that she was advised to 'look more slutty.' I asked her boyfriend what the equivalent advice for a man would be. He said to be more muscular. That made me rush to the gym. (Mark Kostabi)

Mark Kostabi - From the Modernism category:

No matter how brilliant, amusing or intelligent the creek of abstraction, Dadaism, Minimalism and Conceptualism of the 20th century was, it didn't much affect the historical river of figuration. I predict that in 50 years and in 300 years, figurative art will still be strong and important. (Mark Kostabi)

Mark Kostabi - From the Opportunity category:

It's very true that an artist who networks well will have better opportunities than one who doesn't network well. But great networking skills without great art won't change art history. (Mark Kostabi)

Mark Kostabi - From the Optimism category:

There's too much negativity in the world. Staying positive is a better investment. (Mark Kostabi)

Mark Kostabi - From the Painting category:

I've gradually fooled myself into becoming a real painter... I really just like to sit in my air-conditioned Rome painting studio surrounded by Medieval and Renaissance architecture and to hold a tube of Alizarin Madder Lake in my artist's hand and marvel at the shiny goop inside. (Mark Kostabi)

Mark Kostabi - From the Pricing category:

I am a famous artist. I make millions. But I frequently see debut shows of unknown artists with prices that are double of mine... what they're really doing is barely getting by and helping me sell 1,000 paintings a year effortlessly, because they make my paintings look like such a bargain. Thank you to all the egotistical art students! (Mark Kostabi)

Mark Kostabi - From the Profession category:

I'm an artist because that's what I was best at as a kid. It was fun... I continue to be an artist... for the freedom that an art career can bring. I don't need an alarm clock and I am my own boss. (Mark Kostabi)

Mark Kostabi - From the Recognition category:

The press needs stories constantly. No need to bleed, just feed. Branding will keep you standing... Get press not stress. (Mark Kostabi)

Mark Kostabi - From the Rejection category:

Rejection is God's protection. (Mark Kostabi)

Mark Kostabi - From the Routine category:

Out of routine comes inspiration. (Mark Kostabi)

Mark Kostabi - From the Satisfaction category:

I'm not sure what [my latest works are] about but I'm convinced they're the best things I've done and I'm going to the world's best museums with them. (Mark Kostabi)

Mark Kostabi - From the Selling category:

I really believe in my work and in no way think I'm taking advantage of anyone. I feel generous when selling my art. (Mark Kostabi)

Mark Kostabi - From the Shock category:

For the art-historically informed, no art has truly shocked since November 19, 1971, when Chris Burden had himself shot in the arm by a friend, at F-Space in Santa Ana, California. Sliced cows and surgically altering one's own face is aftershock art. (Mark Kostabi)

Mark Kostabi - From the Studio category:

Things don't get tough in the studio. Sometimes things get tough outside the studio and going in the studio is a relief, a sanctuary, therapy. (Mark Kostabi)

Mark Kostabi - From the Success category:

Luck plays no role in art world success. It's your own responsibility to create your success, which is a result of making thousands of constant decisions - focused, professional tenacity - day after day of keeping commitments to yourself and to those you make promises to. If you fail, it's all your fault. If you succeed, you deserve all the credit. (Mark Kostabi)

Mark Kostabi - From the Teaching category:

Teaching, the most noble profession, should be rewarded based on merit alone, not seniority. (Mark Kostabi)